Do We Know Love?


The greatest mystery ever crafted
The vague dimension of limits and probability
The heaviest load every being has lifted
The wrinkled road to life’s harmony

No one can trace the addictive pulse
Nor put a stop to the beating inside
For it is the wanted truth among the false
A crazy little thing no one can ever subside

Deep within it blooms steady and wild
Bonding spirits and feeding the mind
Creating worlds for those dreaming defiled
Playing loops for those wishing rewind

Heroes do fall by taking its quest
Weakening the pillars of self-respect
Fools were hatched out of its nest
Shading a sky full of regrets

The sparks grow fiery in desire
Shattering the walls of innocence and purity
Once it bursts into millions of fire
Calling will be heard to test true fragility

Learning it gives glory and grace
Guiding the lost in cruelty’s maze
Nothing can match its complex ways
Designing the best and heavenly days

It seeks the missing piece of content
Soaring the vastness of possibilities
It lives through believing the soul’s intent
Bending the rigid line of causalities

Words cannot define its firm reality
Transcending the borders of strong philosophy
Trusting on it entails ambiguity
Living with it upholds eternity



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