Tonight the stars are far away
A sky of shades from yesterday
Hollow inside, feeling weightless
Seems to be running farthest
Hate the self, you are damn wrong
Never play that crazy song
Nothing will worth, that’s the end
Your fantasy will be an offend

Break it. Kill it. Stop it. Never feel it.
Fade it. Stupid. Ignore it. Shut it.

Cease the beat,

Cease the thinking,

It is not what you are really seeking

Hold on to that knife that drips your blood

Laugh, live, smile and nod
Drag it down until it drowns
Numb. Be a suffering clown
All the blame. All in you
Why am I using this blue?

Why do you act like that and that?
I hate it. I hate you. I hate this and that!

Forget. Forget. It will fade away.

Forget. Forget.
Forget. Forget.

That is all you we can say.



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