Empty Heart


There was once an empty heart
With empty rooms and empty corners
Holding itself from falling apart
With nothing but nothing in its walls

In the past when it was young and full,
It knows what to feel, it knows what to be
But then it played the role of a fool
Slowly and painfully, draining out what it has

The empty heart grew with nothing inside
Beating but not living, it is barely warm
In every corner there is somewhere to hide
A little void of memories best kept behind

Empty because of the people it lost
Who made the rooms better than it was before
Who lived in it no matter what cost
Then walked out and left what they value most

Empty because of the love forgotten
Of heartbreaks and heartaches it flawlessly crafted
For it only knows how the word is spoken
But will never learn what does it mean

Empty because of the feeling unfelt
Too much writings on its wall, made it unclear
As true suffering and damage is being dealt
It becomes colder and number until it forgets

Empty because of the mistakes unforgiven
Like stale air waiting to be blown
Expecting forever for the agony to end
Lying just right there yet no one cared

This empty heart with empty rooms
Sought to be filled and be alive
But nothing can stop a storming gloom
Unless these rooms get fortified

This empty heart with empty corners
Just wishes for the best as it lives
Taking in every moment of wonders
To keep the woe of emptiness within



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