Young Love


My love doesn’t talk, my love doesn’t speak
You are the one that my blind love seek
I may be a fool, so in love with you
But because I love you, I will pursue

My love is a code; blurry it can be
You are a precious pearl out there in the sea
I may choose to forget you but no I won’t do
And because I love you, I’ll always be true

My love is always here, waiting for your smile
You are the one who takes me to exile
I may sound different, crazy and devoted
That’s because I love you, can’t sleep on my bed

My love is fire, cozy and catching
You are my water, pure and relaxing
I may be too far, too hard to reach
It’s because I love you, without you I can’t breach

My love is a book, can’t be judged by it’s cover
The greatest book, a story of a true lover
By day and by night, I’ll travel for you
And make it sure that we’ll go on through

My love is my love, a crazy little thing
But it’s because the hope and happiness you bring
I know this may be wrong, it’s now or never
But in love we can be, forever and ever



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