Same Sea


Remembering what the years gave me
I kept going back to the same sea
Not lost, but confused
Spirit bounded with no use

I had the chance and will to aspire
Bliss and amity are what transpired
Impetuously I failed to sustain
And now I scheme to save what remains

If fate forbids me to be with joy
Let it be, I’m just a boy
Numerous have said that I am worth
But the restless soul would not go forth

Every night gets darker and colder
Shades and shadows make me cower
Every step is a mile to walk
Dancing as a prey of any foolish hawk

Light is vague, so is hope
Beyond the infinity, against my scope
In this sea, I float among the waves
Tossed and sprayed, nothing can be saved

A smile to my face is glued
A bright crescent in a night of blue
This cheery façade locks the insane
Tightening the same old chains

Tangled thoughts flow out of my head
Strangling me down to my own bed
Irrepressible it is like lightning passing
Seeking what is must, what is missing

Clocks are ticking, among I am living
From where I sat, birds are chirping
Plots are laid, paths turn and bend
Poems are written, so is this end.



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