What We Are


Steps do count on our everyday
Thrusting ourselves forward in life
Every move we make, every word we say
Binds ourselves to happiness and strife

Series of choices are laid in front
Often we choose what our soul can hold
Playing safe we go for blunt
Rarely risking through the cold

Identity is what we invest
What people see and what we defend
Striving to be the best among the rest
Forgetting little things in the end

One second you feel all is fine
Another second you’ll realize it is not
They will tell you to focus on the line
But how can you if all are twisted in a knot

Life is a game of hide and seek
Our heart searches what we need
And when the game is on its peak
Only few surpass their speed

It is the bliss. It is the pain. It is the leap
Living is existing in true uncertainty
One wrong move and it cuts so deep
But for someone who made a choice, it is bravery