Write with The feet



As we did something wrong, we’ll never forget
What we do is go down and fret
To the deepest caves inside our hearts
To the farthest corners, from everyone apart
We cry a lot, inside and out
Kept wondering what it is about
Yet, we don’t know the answer we madly want
And still feel the sharpest sadness, the others can’t
Next is We overthink, We overdo, We overreact
But what else can we do stop, it is The Fact
We feel life runs out, we cannot pace up
Drowning ourselves to the bottom of the cup
Everything fell apart is what we assume
‘Coz it is all our mind and heart can consume
Until we go over the limit ourselves
Only pain can take away the Pain that dwells
We hurt ourselves waiting for the Crimson to drop
Agony ceases along with the loudest throb
We want more, we want to cross the line
Thinking, over there will be just fine
In Time, we Love to do things for all the bshit(s)
The truth hurts, it isn’t worth it.