As shadows take over the dark cold night
As nightmares start changing dreams into fright
I wandered through the path of endless fear
Of sinful cheer and of eternal tears

I thought it would be just fine
So free and young, holding on the line
In a world so small, our roads should’ve crossed
Could’ve meet halfway, but I just got lost

After bliss, I vanish existence
Slowly I faded my own perseverance
But yes, I tried my best to carry on
Surviving, barely, and then it was gone

In light, I melt into humility
In haze, I suspect my own dignity
I blindly used my pride to hurt your heart
A life I ruined, breaking it apart

In confusion, I failed my promised quest
In hunger and war, I doubt my own test
A downfall of legacy I will wear
A mistake so infinite I will bear



Coffee Vinyl


Noontime with you
After lunch coffee we go
Frazzled, I am in blue
You wear gray, old show
Smell of roast fills the air
Dim lights, old frames, vinyl song
In a glass table, square we share
A place we always longed
Mine is latte, bitter and milk
Yours is mocha, cream and sweet
A time together smooth like silk
Where old caffeine and rusty music do meet


A Lifetime of Self


It takes a lifetime to realize life
The self will just know when it will arrive
Long is the road towards soul’s worth
And until now, my self only knows worse

Ever since I started I never understand
The why’s and the how’s of being the self
It pains me to learn and to satisfy demand
With no one to hold and no answers with help

My lifetime has been all about this load
Resting and growing, in my shoulder it shouts
I barely survived crossing deadly roads
In a game where I can never be out

The self wants to fight and continue to walk
But the mind, the body, the soul begs to stop
The heart is silent with reasons to talk
The evil is edging, waiting for time is up

Life  is for those who are fit and strong
Those who are someone, beings of light
Me, I am no one. Always on the wrong
Burning out of life, trying to make right

It takes a lifetime to realize life
And the self will just know when it will never arrive


If Only I Can End


If only I can end the flow of my mind
Doubt will be little and be left behind
The war of thoughts will cease to a truce
With clarity in place, I can finally choose

If only I can end the longing for the lost
I shall sleep and dream all I can exhaust
No more chasing and seeking for long-dead reasons
No more staying and crying on short-lived seasons

If only I can end the noises within
I can forget the feelings I have seen
Never again I will hear my heart
Screaming and begging why it fell apart

If only I can end the painful hate
I would realize soon it was never too late
The thundering beast will learn to be tamed
The cold will freeze what ever is flamed

If only I can end this poem just right
Words will show the way to my light
Where my soul is struggling trying to pretend
Whispering and wishing, if only I can end…


The Dreamer


There was once a dreamer who loves to dream
Every thought this dreamer thinks
Creates a world where nothing sinks
Wonders on this dreamer’s eyes
No limits, no boundaries, no hidden price
Nothing untouched for the dreamer who loves to dream

Every day and every night, the dreamer wished to dream forever
In dreams, the dreamer does the best
Chosen one among the rest
Waking up is a nightmare to bare
A wanted world where no one dares
For the rest of time, the dreamer wished to dream forever

Deep inside, the dreamer knows that nothing lasts
Too perfect it is and the truth hurts
Being a dreamer is a living curse
Because all the dreamer can only make
Are dreams. Just dreams that are real and fake
Forever dreaming, the dreamer hopes nothing lasts.


When the Lights Go Out


What happens when the lights go out?

Darkness swallows the space.

You go wondering what is hiding in the dark.
You don’t know who is watching in the dark.

Cold creeps on to your feet.
Stopping you to move to where you want.
Heck, you don’t even know where you are.

You can’t see yourself.
Your hands.
Your feet.
Your body.

You can’t even call your shadow to be with you.

Senses go wild in the absence of light.
So wild, you can’t even control them, can’t even obey your mind.

The mind builds a fortress, imagined security.
But then gets destroyed by shades, uncertainty.

You’re finding something, someone, somehow.
Yet you are lost, no clues except for the things you feel.
Even the sound gets hollowed as it comes from nothing.
Because in the dark, everything is nothing but imagined.

Still, you believe you’ll find what you want.
You believe it is there somewhere in the dark.
You believe that it is close to you.
You believe that you’ll see it again.

You believed wrong.

Even if you can still feel it, with hope and no doubt
Anything will be lost, when the lights go out.


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